Entrepreneurship is a journey – Tolulope Mary Akingbade

Entrepreneurship is a journey – Tolulope Mary Akingbade

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Little background about you?

I am Tolulope Mary Akingbade, a safety consultant, entrepreneur and the principal partner at AMT Safety Solutions Limited, a fast-growing company specialized in occupational health and safety services, workplace safety education, protection equipment, branding to consultancy

Project Everyday Safety?

Earlier this year, I and my team kicked off a project known as “project everyday safety”. We’ve been to workplace environments to enlighten employers/employees on workplace safety and protection.

I’m also a first aider, member of the Nigerian Red Cross Society. I’m committed to ensuring that workplace injuries and loss of lives are totally eradicated in the country by inculcating safe habits at work and the use of protection equipment.

If you could change one thing about how we do things in your area, based on what you know, what would it be and why?

I would say poor safety culture because alot of people are not safety conscious. Illnesses, injuries and avoidable deaths can be eliminated only if we are ready to comply and its everyone’s business to ensure they’re always safe. Poor safety culture affects the health and life cycle, reason why we have chosen to groom and orientate people on the importance of safety.

Tell us about the best boss/client that you’ve ever had. What did you like about them, and why?

Wow! My best boss is Mrs Fidel Mgbemere. I worked for her about 8 years ago and the relationship was more than just a boss/employee one. She taught me so many things like having a career as a woman who doesn’t have to depend on a man, character and capacity building. I got my first ever safety knowledge from her. Also Mr Cornelius Winners from the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria who trained me on Fire prevention and first-aid.

As for clients, we don’t have a best client. All of them have been wonderful set of people we are proud to have work with and I’m glad we were able to meet up to their expectations. Feedback from them are positive and growth focused.

When did your journey to entrepreneurship started?

My journey to entrepreneurship started in the year 2016, I’d just finished from school, frustrated and depressed. Few months after, I got an employment offer with a meagre salary at a real estate firm but later had to resign due to the circumstances in the course of the job.

After much insults and frustrations, I made up my mind never to depend on my parents for survival. I went into education in the year 2017, learnt so many skills and that was how it all started. It was so rough I can’t say it all in this piece but with God and the right circle of friends, I was able to make a difference.

During my I.T, I’d worked with a safety organization which made me develop a passion in the industry and years ago, a relative who worked with an industry as a technician got his right thumb ripped off during the course of his job. Seeing this as a problem that requires solution, AMT Safety was founded on a mission to protect the workplace environment. We consult for organizations to enhance their productivity and financial performance by preventing workplace hazards.

I’ve also been beneficiary of fellowships and foundations like GLP program, Enterprise Development Africa EDC, She Leads Africa SLA, YALI Network, FATE Foundation, Facebook, Google and lots more.

Challenges so far?

Entrepreneurship is a journey which requires taking a step and all other things keep falling in place. Of course, during the course of my entrepreneurship journey, I had challenges like unemployment, low self-esteem, lack of finance and exposure but the truth is that no matter the level you are in life, there will always be challenges but the ability to turn it to an opportunity, open to learning continuously, ability to respond positively makes the difference.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

I will encourage young people to always aspire to solving problems, when you encounter any challenges or frustrations, see it as an opportunity to improve, develop and work on yourself. Identify your purpose, think productively and walk with the right set of people. When you do all these, one opportunity will keep leading to another and you will be on your way to greatness.


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