#CheatOnCervicalCancer: SMILE With Me Foundation Hosts Her First Cervical Cancer Clinic

#CheatOnCervicalCancer: SMILE With Me Foundation Hosts Her First Cervical Cancer Clinic

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The Cervical Cancer clinic organized by SMILE With Me Foundation was a great way to kick off the month of February, which was organized to mark the end of cervical awareness month and the annual campaign, #CheatOnCervicalCancer.

Cervical cancer is a mostly preventable form of cancer that affects females of all ages. It doesn’t often give early signs of its presence in the body.

The aims of the #CheatOnCervicalCancer campaign are to highlight preventive measures and educate the public on cervical cancer. The clinic, which held on February 1, provided 80% off screening, 10% off vaccination, alongside free health education and counseling.

The health education session was led by Dr. Chioma Nwakanma, the founder of SMILE with Me Foundation. She spoke about important facets of cervical cancer, highlighting the risk factors, preventive measures, screening techniques and importance. This was followed by the screening test for cervical cancer using the VIA method. Cervical cancer screening through the VIA method is a delicate, visual examination of the uterine cervix after application of 3-5% acetic acid.

Vaccination against Human papilloma virus (HPV) which is a protective mechanism against cervical cancer for women between 9-26 years. The medical team comprised: – Dr Chioma Ozoemanam, Dr Amarachi Ijeoma, Dr Mariam Toye, Dr Marietta Imadojiemu, Esther Awa, Dr Chisom Nweke, Pharm Dotun Adegbite and Dr Nwankwo Chigozie, working together on all procedures.

30% of screened individuals were aceto- positive, having shown various shades of white after acetic acid application, and were referred to another facility. Women who tested negative were vaccinated.  All patients were counseled post screening and encouraged to spread the word about cervical cancer.

SMILE With Me‘s first edition of the Cervical Cancer Clinic in Lagos was a success and the second edition is slated for February 29, 2020. The organization’s goal for this project is to ensure that all women in Nigeria are properly educated about Cervical Cancer and have access to preventive measures.

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